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Inventions made in

isolation, for isolation.


Hello, we’re Timi and Kate, two creatives stuck in a flat in London until further notice. We’re living in some scary times right now and we wanted to try and bring a little bit of hope and joy to the world. As people who love to get their hands dirty with creative projects, we’re feeling pretty frustrated and helpless stuck indoors.


Isolated Inventors is a platform where you can challenge us (and hopefully yourselves!) to come up with inventions to tackle some of the problems we will all encounter during the social distancing and isolation periods. We have a few ideas for challenges to get started here and please feel free to send your own


Anyone is welcome to send in their work so do not hesitate! Rather than letting our brains go stagnant, let’s start putting them to good use! We look forward to feeling a little less isolated with your inventions and challenges soon! 


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